How do I clone or make a copy of a Droplet?

To make a copy of a Droplet:

  1. Take a snapshot of the Droplet you want to copy.

  2. Optionally, if you want the copied Droplet to be in a different datacenter than the original Droplet, make the snapshot available in that datacenter.

  3. Use the snapshot to create a new Droplet that is a copy of the original one.

You cannot create a Droplet with a smaller disk than the one you took the snapshot of.

The copied Droplet has a new IP address. If you want to redirect a domain name from the original Droplet to the copied Droplet, update its DNS records to point to the copied Droplet’s IP address.

You cannot undo restoring a Droplet from a backup, but you can use an existing snapshot to restore a Droplet to a previous point in time.
Take a snapshot of your Droplet and then create new Droplet from the snapsnot in the new datacenter.
You can recover your Droplet if you have taken a snapshot of the Droplet or signed up for automated backups.