Snapshots Support Articles

You cannot create Droplets in certain datacenters due to limited capacity. If you have snapshots in a limited capacity datacenter, transfer them to another datacenter to create Droplets from them.
You cannot downsize a Droplet from a snapshot. Data is not always stored sequentially in memory, so reducing the size of a disk can result in data loss or corruption.
Snapshots of Droplets are a best estimate based on the disk usage. Snapshots of volumes operate at the block storage level, so the snapshot size may not match what the filesystem reports.
This error happens when the Droplet you’re trying to restore no longer exists, so try creating a new Droplet from the snapshot instead.
No, but you can use reserved IPs to assign the same address to new or redeployed Droplets.
You cannot currently download DigitalOcean backups or snapshots, but you can use third-party tools to save your data locally.
Creating a backup or snapshot takes roughly 2 minutes per GB of used space.