Billing Support Articles

We use payment information to verify your identity, which allows us to keep DigitalOcean safe against spammers and bots.
When you connect PayPal as a payment method, the small prepayment verifies your account.
We do not offer refunds.
No, you cannot prepay for DigitalOcean support plans.
Apple Pay is available on the Safari browser. Try these troubleshooting steps if Apple Pay isn’t visible on your account.
Google Pay is available on Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Sometimes there are issues with password managers like 1Password. Try these troubleshooting steps if Google Pay isn’t visible on your account.
Download the CSV version of your invoice for more detailed billing information.
We do not offer extensions, but we can help you find other solutions.
You can edit your personal account settings on the My Account page. You can edit your team settings on the Settings page. You can update your billing address, tax location, or add a tax ID on the Billing Settings page.
Your card may be declined for a number of reasons, including banking restrictions, unavailable funds, or trying to use a prepaid card.
Once you pay a past-due balance, you need to manually turn your resources (like Droplets) back on using the control panel.