How do I migrate my Droplet to another datacenter region?

If you want to migrate your Droplet to another datacenter region, you need to create a snapshot of your Droplet and then create a new Droplet from the snapshot in the new datacenter region. Snapshots are complete copies of your Droplet’s hard disk that are saved as a disk image that you can create additional Droplets from. Snapshots only contain the data that resides on the disk at the time the snapshot was taken.

To do migrate a Droplet using a snapshot, see How to Migrate Droplets Using DigitalOcean Snapshots.

You cannot change the frequency of Droplet backups, but you can use Snapshooter or the API to create daily snapshots of your Droplets.
You cannot undo restoring a Droplet from a backup, but you can use an existing snapshot to restore a Droplet to a previous point in time.
You cannot create Droplets in certain datacenters due to limited capacity. If you have snapshots in a limited capacity datacenter, transfer them to another datacenter to create Droplets from them.