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Latest Updates

9 March 2023

  • We have finished rolling out NVMe for volumes in all regions. Newly-created volumes in all regions are now on NVMe-based storage.

1 March 2023

  • Spaces now automatically delete any incomplete multipart uploads older than 90 days to prevent billing and to free up storage.

22 February 2023

  • Premium Intel CPUs are now available for CPU-Optimized Droplets. You can create CPU-Optimized Droplets with Premium Intel CPUs in NYC1, NYC3, FRA1, AMS3, SFO3, and SYD1.

    Compared to CPU-Optimized Droplets with Regular Intel CPUs, CPU-Optimized Droplets with Premium Intel CPUs have the latest hardware and five times more network throughput.

    Additionally, for a promotional period from 1 February through 30 April 2023, we will not bill for outbound data transfer at speeds faster than 2 Gbps for CPU-Optimized Droplets with Premium Intel CPUs. Learn more about bandwidth billing.

    You can use this plan for both standalone Droplets and Kubernetes nodes. You can also resize your existing Droplets to this node plan.

For more, see our full release notes.