DNS Support Articles

Problems with SSH connectivity include hostname resolution errors and connections being refused or timing out.
Diagnose and troubleshoot your Droplet’s network configuration.
Update your registrar to use DigitalOcean’s name servers.
Apps do not have static IP addresses so you cannot point an A record at an app.
We regret to inform you that DigitalOcean currently does not support DNSSEC.
Try using a public DNS server instead of your ISP’s default server.
You cannot import a DNS zone, but you can add the domain and manually create the DNS records.
Use Punycode to add a non-ASCII domain name with DigitalOcean
We don’t have an option for transferring domains between teams, but you can download a zone file to help with manual transfer.
Delete the Let’s Encrypt certificate associated with the domain in your account’s Settings section.
Verify that the hostname is correct and whether your local machine has DNS resolution problems.
Our DNS recursive servers now require Authoritative Answer flags when resolving host names.
You can point multiple domains at a Droplet and serve multiple websites from it.