DNS Support Articles

Update your registrar to use DigitalOcean’s name servers.
Apps do not have static IP addresses so you cannot point an A record at an app.
No, we do not support DNSSEC.
You cannot import a DNS zone, but you can add the domain and manually create the DNS records.
A domain could fail to resolve because the name server changes did not completely propagate, DNSSEC or the domain registrar needs verification, the DigitalOcean name servers are not configured at your registrar, or there are different name server providers active.
Use Punycode to add a non-ASCII domain name to DigitalOcean.
We do not support directly transferring domain ownership from one team to another. Instead, you can download a zone file with all of the domain’s DNS information.
Delete the Let’s Encrypt certificate associated with the domain in your account’s Settings section.
To debug your network configuration, verify the Droplet’s network interfaces and check its network configuration file.
Our DNS recursive servers now require Authoritative Answer flags when resolving host names.