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Manage your own VMs with Droplets, deploy managed Kubernetes clusters, use a fully-managed PaaS environment with App Platform, or go serverless with DigitalOcean Functions.
Store and access any amount of data reliably in the cloud, either with S3-compatible Spaces Object Storage or with network-based block storage volumes.
Run fully managed, high performance database clusters with your choice of engine: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, or Kafka.
Create automated or on-demand backups of Droplets and other resources, upload custom images with different OSes and software, store Docker images in your own private registry, create new Droplets and Kubernetes clusters from preconfigured 1-Click Apps.
Secure and control the traffic to your applications with VPC networking, traffic filtering, and load balancing.
Track the heatlh of your infrastructure, URLs, and more with DigitalOcean Monitoring and Uptime, then set alerts to stay informed. Organize your resources with projects.


Information about the DigitalOcean platform, like billing details, release notes, product availability by datacenter, support plans, account details, and SLAs.
Information on billing, including invoices, billing alerts, payment methods, late payments, and taxes.
Manage your team membership and your name, sign-in method, and email subscriptions with your personal DigitalOcean account.
Manage resources programmatically and integrate across the developer ecosystem with CLIs, APIs, and SDKs.
Looking for technical support with your DigitalOcean account or infrastructure? Start here.