How do I recover a deleted Droplet?

You can recover a deleted Droplet if you previously took a snapshot of the Droplet or enabled backups for the Droplet.

If you previously took a snapshot of your Droplet prior to deletion, you can create a new Droplet based on the snapshot image in the DigitalOcean Control Panel. Snapshots contain the data your Droplet contained at the time the snapshot was taken.

If you enabled backups, the backups may still available. Because the weekly backup service is an add-on service, it is also scheduled for deletion when the Droplet is deleted, but unlike the Droplet, which is deleted immediately, the backups are scheduled for deletion at any point within the next 24 hours.

For example, if you delete a Droplet at 10:00 PM, the backups may be deleted at 12:00 AM, two hours after you deleted the Droplet. Please [open a ticket]( with our support team as soon as possible so that we can determine if you have backups available.

If you were not using either of those services, then we do not have a backup of your Droplet’s data available on our system. In this scenario, you would need rely on any manual backups you created and stored on a local computer.

There are three ways to manually back up a Droplet. You can create a DigitalOcean snapshot for an on-demand full disk image, convert an automatic DigitalOcean backup into a snapshot, or use a third-party tool for a partial backup.
You cannot undo restoring a Droplet from a backup, but you can use an existing snapshot to restore a Droplet to a previous point in time.
Take a snapshot of your Droplet and then create new Droplet from the snapsnot in the new datacenter.