I lost access to the GitHub account I use to sign into DigitalOcean

If you have lost access to your GitHub account, first try to restore access by following GitHub’s account recovery process or GitHub’s 2FA credential recovery process.

If you can’t regain access to your GitHub account, open a support ticket using the email associated with your DigitalOcean account and let us know you need to reset your authentication method. We need additional information to verify that you are the account owner, so be prepared with a photo of your government-issued ID (for example, a passport, driver’s license, or military ID). The name on ID in the photo must match the name for the account information that we have on file.

Switch to a different login method on your DigitalOcean account (like email and password), then switch back to Google or GitHub and select the account you want to use.
If your account is locked during sign-up, contact DigitalOcean support so we can authorize your access to your account.
You can disable device verification by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) or by authenticating with Google or GitHub.