How can I disable device verification?

DigitalOcean accounts with email and password sign-ins and no 2FA are protected with device verification by default. Each time you sign in from a new location using a new device or a different web browser, we email an authorization code to the email address you use to sign in or send an SMS to the phone number you provided.

You can disable device verification by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) or by authenticating with Google or GitHub.

If you were expecting an email with the code, check your spam folder. If you were expecting an SMS message, make sure you aren’t blocking communications from us and that you have the correct phone number on the account.
We strongly recommend that you reset your account password and add additional security by enabling 2FA or SSO.
You may be required to enter a verification code each time you sign in if you use an ad blocker. You may be asked to verify your browser from a trusted location and device if you have deleted cookies for or you have disabled cookies entirely.