I've paid my bill so why aren't my services online?

Once an account has been suspended due to non-payment, resources are powered off and cannot be modified until you pay the past due balance in full or get an extension through support.

If you have recently paid your past due balance using PayPal and your account is still showing as suspended, the payment may currently be in a pending status as it’s processing from PayPal to your account with us. Pending PayPal payments may take up to 72 hours to finalize, though they generally process much sooner. We don’t have control over this processing status, but you can contact PayPal directly to verify if they can post the payment sooner.

Powered Off Droplets

After your account is current, you must manually power on Droplets that were powered off. We do not automatically power on any resources for you. These are the steps to power on a Droplet:

  1. Log in to the control panel.
  2. In the left menu, under Manage, click Droplets to view a list of all Droplets.
  3. Click the name of the Droplet you want to power on to open its detail page. In the top right, the ON/OFF button displays the Droplet’s current status.
  4. If the Droplet is powered off, click the ON/OFF button to power the Droplet on.

For additional help, contact our support team.

Apple Pay is available on the Safari browser. Try these troubleshooting steps if Apple Pay isn’t visible on your account.
Google Pay is available on Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Sometimes there are issues with password managers like 1Password. Try these troubleshooting steps if Google Pay isn’t visible on your account.
We do not offer extensions, but we can help you find other solutions.