How do I transfer a Droplet to someone else?

You can’t directly transfer a Droplet to another user, but you can transfer a snapshot of a Droplet. The receipient of the snapshot can recreate the Droplet from the snapshot.

Transfer snapshots to another DigitalOcean account or team, which lets you effectively migrate a Droplet or volume to another owner.

When you transfer a snapshot, the snapshot is no longer available on its original team, but the Droplet that the snapshot is based on is unaffected.

You cannot undo restoring a Droplet from a backup, but you can use an existing snapshot to restore a Droplet to a previous point in time.
Take a snapshot of your Droplet and then create new Droplet from the snapsnot in the new datacenter.
Create a snapshot of the Droplet, then create a new Droplet from that snapshot.