How do I back up my app on App Platform?

App Platform does not support code backups because your app’s code is already stored in the repository that you used to deploy your app. If you have deployed faulty code, you can roll back to a previous version of your app.

App Platform’s dev databases do not support backups. If you want to back up the data in your app’s dev database, we recommend upgrading to DigitalOcean Managed Databases, which work natively with App Platform and support backups and restoration, datacenter migration, and other features. Because dev databases lack these features, we do not recommend using dev databases in production environments.

You can recover your Droplet if you have taken a snapshot of the Droplet or signed up for automated backups.
There are three ways to manually back up a Droplet. You can create a DigitalOcean snapshot for an on-demand full disk image, convert an automatic DigitalOcean backup into a snapshot, or use a third-party tool for a partial backup.