Can I downsize a Droplet using a snapshot?

You cannot downsize a Droplet from a snapshot. This is because data is not always stored sequentially in memory and reducing the size of a disk may result in data loss or corruption.

When creating a snapshot, the entire disk is imaged, not only the data present on the disk. This means that you can only create Droplets with as much disk space as the Droplet the snapshot was taken from, or more. There is no safe way to shrink a Droplet’s disk partitions.

A workaround to this is to create a smaller Droplet and then transfer your data over the new Droplet using rsync or a similar tool. Review our Community data migration guide for more detals on how to do this.

Snapshot images are compressed when stored.
You can recover your Droplet if you have taken a snapshot of the Droplet or signed up for automated backups.
Destroying a Droplet destroys the backups along with it. You’ll want to preserve your backups first.