App Platform Release Notes

September 2021

September 22

  • App Platform is now available in TOR1 and LON1.

August 2021

August 20

  • Released v1.64.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release includes support for managing App Platform alerts.

August 18

August 9

  • Released v1.63.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release includes a number of new features:

    • The database firewall sub-commands now support apps as trusted sources
    • New monitoring alert sub-commands for creating and managing alert policies
    • The --droplet-agent flag was added to the compute droplet create sub-command to optionally disable installing the agent for the Droplet web console

August 5

July 2021

July 9

  • Released v1.62.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release fixes a handful of bugs and introduces new flags on existing commands:

    • The apps logs command now supports tailing live logs with the --tail flag. This lets application owners select the most recent logs from their applications
    • The --wait flag was added to apps create and apps update to block these commands until an application is fully created or updated

June 2021

June 25

June 2

  • A new Python + NodeJS group buildpack was added. Python apps can now use NodeJS to render assets during build or as a dependency at runtime.

February 2021

February 25

  • The PHP buildpack received some updates:

    • Support for PHP 8.x was added in addition to PHP 7.x. By default, App Platform will use PHP 7.x unless the app specifies a version requirement via Composer.
    • Support for Composer 2.x was added in addition to Composer 1.x. App Platform will use the same version of Composer that generated the app’s composer.lock file.

    For more information and configuration options, see the buildpack’s documentation page.

February 11

  • App Platform is now available in SGP1 and BLR1.

January 2021

January 31

  • Due to capacity limits in the region, we have disabled the creation of new resources in SFO2 for new customers. Existing customers with resources in SFO2 are unaffected and can still create and destroy resources in SFO2.

January 21

    • App Platform now supports launching components from public DockerHub image sources.

January 5

November 2020

November 10

  • Improved build caching for all App Platform build environments. Dependencies and other data are now cached and reused between builds to improve performance. Dockerfile builds continue to make use of Docker layer caching.

    The Hugo buildpack received some updates:

    • The default version has been upgraded to 0.78.0.
    • Added support for running Hugo as a Service component. The default and recommended behavior is to deploy it as a Static Site.
    • Removed the implicit build command—a build command is now required. Existing apps have had their specs automatically updated.

November 6

October 2020

October 26

  • Added support to App Platform for configuring internal service ports, as well as internal-only services that are not internet-accessible.

  • Added support to App Platform for configuring a catch-all document that can be used by static sites to rewrite all requests to pages that are not found, to the configured document. The catchall_document field is similar to error_document in that they both rewrite all requests to the specified document, and so they are mutually exclusive, only 1 can be set. Using catchall_document will result in 200 HTTP response codes for the rewritten requests, while error_document will result in 404 HTTP response codes.

October 15

  • Added support to App Platform services and static sites for configuring an ingress CORS policy.

  • Added support to App Platform for configuring custom wildcard domains.

October 14

October 12

  • Added an App Platform the environment variable binding prefix _self that can be used to reference the current component without directly referencing it by component name.

October 9

  • Launched the App Platform jobs component type, with support for running containerized operations before, after, and on failure of deploys.

October 6

  • App Platform, our new platform as a service (PaaS) offering, is now in General Availability. Hook a GitHub repo to DigitalOcean and let App Platform automatically build and deploy your commits live to the cloud. Read the quickstart or try it now.

  • Released v1.48.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release promotes doctl apps commands with support for DigitalOcean App Platform to General Availability.

July 2020

July 28