App Platform Pricing

App Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that allows developers to publish code directly to DigitalOcean servers without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

App Platform has three pricing tiers:

  • Starter: Free. Good for trying App Platform and deploying static sites. You can build and deploy 3 static sites for free on the Starter tier. Every additional static site costs $3.00 per month.
  • Basic: Starts at $5.00 per month (for one container. Good for prototyping apps.
  • Professional: Starts at $12.00 per month (for one container). Good for deploying production apps.

If your dynamic app has static site resources, all of them will be deployed at no additional charge on the Basic and Professional tiers.

Container Pricing

An app is made up of one or more resources like web services, databases, or workers. When you run an app, we deploy an instance (i.e., a container) for each of the resources. The table below shows the monthly pricing per container and the available container sizes for the Basic and Professional tiers.

CPUs RAM Basic Price Professional Price
1 shared 512 MiB $5.00 per month -
1 shared 1 GiB $10.00 per month $12.00 per month
1 shared 2 GiB $20.00 per month $25.00 per month
2 shared 4 GiB $40.00 per month $50.00 per month
1 dedicated 4 GiB - $75.00 per month
2 dedicated 8 GiB - $150.00 per month
4 dedicated 16 GiB - $300.00 per month

Containers and static sites (service, worker, static site, and job resources) are billed by the second, starting at a minimum of one minute. Databases (both development and production) are billed by the hour, starting at a minimum of one hour.

You can learn about what operations count towards bandwidth usage on the billing page.

The total cost of running a component is determined by the container size multiplied by the number of containers.

Additional Pricing

If you need more resources than what is included in the Starter, Basic, and Professional tiers, then the following prices apply.

Additional development databases are $7.00 per month per 512MB database. Additional outbound data transfer is $0.10 per GiB extra in a month.

You can view the pricing for DigitalOcean Managed Databases, Spaces (object storage), and DigitalOcean Functions on the pricing page.