Support Plans

DigitalOcean provides free ticket-based support to all customers, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer paid support plans with quicker response times, live chat, access to Solution Architects, and more.

Support Plan Summary

We currently offer the following support plans:

Support Plan Starter Developer Standard Premium
Price Free $24.00 per month $99.00 per month $999.00 per month
Response Time < 24 hours < 12 hours < 2 hours < 30 minutes
Email Support
Live Chat
Dedicated Slack Channel
Video Calls
Support Agents General support staff General support staff Experienced, high-level technical staff Experienced, high-level technical staff

For full details on the available support plans and their benefits, visit the support plan product page:

A detailed comparison of all DigitalOcean’s available support plans, including pricing, features, and how to sign up.

Contacting Support

You can contact support in several ways depending on your support plan:

  • All customers can open support requests from the support portal.
  • For customers with a Standard or Premium support plan, live chat is available in the support portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • For customers with a Premium support plan, Slack support is available during business hours and is staffed by your Solution Architect.

We officially offer support responses only in English, but use translation applications to offer responses in other languages to the best of our abilities.

You cannot contact support on behalf of other accounts, so make sure to contact support using the account that is subscribed to the current support plan and has a problem.

We do not offer different support request response times based on the severity of an issue. Response times are based on the level of support you are subscribed to.

Changing Support Plans

To change your support plan, open the DigitalOcean Control Panel. Click Support in the left menu, and then click the Plan tab.

The Plan tab displays the available DigitalOcean support plans. To select a different plan, click the Select Plan button of the plan you would like to switch to.

Upgrading to a Developer or Standard takes effect within 30 minutes. Upgrading to a Premium plan opens an inquiry with our Sales team, so one of our sales representatives reaches out to you as soon as possible. Charges are prorated based the date you sign up.

Downgrading your plan takes 30 days from the date that you request the downgrade. If you downgrade partially through a billing cycle, your next invoice contains a prorated total for the remaining days that extended into the next billing cycle. As a result, there are no prorated refunds.