Why does my Droplet have high CPU or RAM usage?

High RAM or CPU usage is normally the result of applications or kernel processes on the Droplet itself. While we do monitor CPU and RAM usage on the physical host the Droplet resides on (the hypervisor), the usage on the physical host itself doesn’t translate to the CPU usage within the Droplet itself.

If high RAM or CPU usage is causing performance issues on your Droplet, you can log in to the Droplet and monitor which processes are potentially abusing the Droplet’s resources and stop them if necessary. If your Droplet chronically experiences high RAM or CPU usage under normal workloads, you can resize the Droplet to a larger plan at any time.

You can review disk usage on your Droplet and then remove unnecessary files.
You cannot resize Droplets to smaller plans, but you can migrate your data to a smaller Droplet.
Filesystem tools often don’t report the capacity reserved for metadata and the root user, and some report size in different units.