How do I unblock my MongoDB database?

If a MongoDB cluster’s storage disk ever becomes completely full, it may suffer severe issues. For example, the cluster may become stuck in a crash-loop, where it indefinitely crashes, restarts, and crashes again during its reboot, until we manually troubleshoot it.

To prevent this, when a cluster’s disk reaches 97% capacity, we automatically block further writes to it. If your cluster is blocked, you receive an email notification.

To remove this block, you can use one of the following methods:

  • You can upgrade your cluster’s maximum disk space.
  • You can delete data to free up disk space back to 95% capacity or less.
    • After deleting data, MongoDB still reserves that allocated disk space for future data usage. To release the disk space back to the operating system, you must also run the compact query.
  • You can open a support ticket and request that we manually override the block.
Verify your connection string and add your local machine to the database cluster’s trusted sources.
Add your machine to the database cluster’s list of trusted sources.
Prepend your connection string with your database client.