How do I back up Spaces buckets?

You currently cannot natively back up Spaces buckets on DigitalOcean.

However, you can use one of the following non-native methods:

  • Create a new bucket on another team and transfer files using rclone or a similar tool. For detailed steps, see our tutorial on transfering buckets with rclone.

  • Use a tool like s3cmd to download the files and save them in a local repository. For detailed steps, see our tutorial on setting up s3cmd with Spaces. Once you finish setup, you can download a bucket’s files recursively with the s3cmd command s3cmd sync s3://your_bucket_name/folder /destination/folder.

  • Set up backups with SnapShooter to keep the contents of a bucket synced to another bucket.

  • Set up a tool like GoodSync to automatically back up and sync files.