App Platform How-Tos

Learn how to add a “Deploy to DigitalOcean” button to your source repository that makes it possible to easily deploy your source onto App Platform.
Create alert policies and set up alerts for app or component events
Build and deploy your app on push in the cloud with App Platform.
Deploy an application using a container image stored in your DigitalOcean Container Registry
Deploy an application using a monorepo
Enable log forwarding to log management providers
Create a managed relational database from directly within App Platform for use in your app in development or in production.
Manage deployments in App Platform
Add a custom domain to use for your app in addition to its included subdomain.
Create and configure jobs in App Platform
Create and configure services in App Platform
Create and configure a static site in App Platform
Create and configure background workers in App Platform
How to migrate your Nanobox application to run on DigitalOcean App Platform.
How to add capacity to your app in App Platform by scaling the number of containers.
Use Cache-Control headers in your app to allow web browsers and CDNs to cache your app’s cacheable content and improve its performance.
A review of your data storage options in App Platform
See some common troubleshooting techniques for App Platform.
How to allow cross-origin resource sharing on DigitalOcean App Platform.
Use and encrypt environment variables in App Platform
View application insights in App Platform
View application, build, and deploy logs in App Platform