Reference for Dev Config YAML

App Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that allows developers to publish code directly to DigitalOcean servers without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

As an alternative to configuring your local App Platform builds using doctl command line flags, you can define a development configuration using the dev-config.yaml YAML file.

This file can be created and edited using a text editor, or by setting and unsetting keys using the doctl app dev config set and unset commands.

File Structure

The dev-config.yaml file is a YAML file with the following keys available. All configuration is optional.

  • app: ID of an App Platform app to load the AppSpec from. Use doctl app list to list your App Platform apps and their IDs.
  • spec: Path to an App Spec file in JSON or YAML format (defaults to .do/app.yaml).
  • registry: Registry name to use when tagging built images.
  • no_cache: Boolean to determine whether to disable the build cache.
  • timeout: A timeout duration for the build. Valid units are s, m, and h. Example: 15m30s).
  • components: An object with your component names as keys, for component-specific configuration.
    • example-component
      • build_command: Custom build command for example-component.
      • env_file: Path to a .env file to set environment variables for example-component.


Below is an example dev-config.yaml file. This configuration fetches App Spec from App Platform using app, sets up pushing to a DigitalOcean Container Registry with registry, disables caching, sets a 15 minute and 30 seconds timeout, and configures two components with component-specific options.

app: f283c9c0-8c49-46d3-85f7-4cf9d8a01756
no_cache: true
timeout: 15m30s
    build-command: ./scripts/
    env_file: ./configuration/second-component.env