How to View Insights in App Platform

App Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that allows developers to publish code directly to DigitalOcean servers without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Your app’s Insights tab displays metrics about your app’s resource usage, including the following:

  • CPU usage. This tracks the percentage of CPU power your app is using.
  • Memory usage. This tracks the percentage of memory your app is using in the container. This metrics may differ slightly from the memory usage reported by the operating system as App Platform always allots slightly more memory to your app. App redeployments and DigitalOcean maintenance operations do not contribute to this metric.
  • Restart count. This tracks the number of times your app has been restarted. Restarts often indicate that your application has crashed or exited.
  • CDN ingress bandwidth. This tracks the bandwidth transmitted by our edge CDN network on behalf of your app. This includes both cache requests served by the CDN and non-cached requests forwarded to your application instance.
  • CDN ingress average latency by status code. This tracks the average latency of requests to your app from the CDN, by status code.
  • CDN ingress throughput (requests) by status code. This tracks the number of requests to your app from the CDN, by status code.

To view your app’s insights from the control panel, click on your app and then click on the Insights tab. From here, you can click on a resource to filter insights by resource.

Insights screen with time interval drop-down visible

Use the Select Object drop-down to select insights for specific components in your app. Use the Select Period drop-down to select the time interval for which insights are being displayed.

Additionally, you can create alerts for your app and its resources.