Why does my DOKS node show a NotReady status?

A DOKS node shows a NotReady status if the node is unhealthy and not accepting pods. There are three scenarios for a DOKS node not being ready:

  • The node never joins the cluster after being created. Multiple different issues can cause this problem and the exact cause can be difficult to determine. However, in most cases, we recommend you to recycle the node using the control panel. If the problem happens again, then open a support ticket.

  • The node joins the cluster but never becomes ready. Similar to the previous scenario, there can be multiple causes. We recommend recycling the node and opening a support ticket if the problem persists.

  • The node becomes NotReady sometime after being Ready. These cases happen most often when the node becomes overloaded. We recommend specifying resource requests and limits on all your workloads and making them reflect the actual needs of the workloads.