How do I get my Droplet's FTP credentials?

Droplets do not support FTP by default since it’s an insecure protocol. However, the Droplets’ SSH service does support SFTP to transfer files over SSH, which we highly recommend.

Follow our How To Use SFTP to Securely Transfer Files with a Remote Server tutorial and use the following information to log in to the server:

  • Hostname and Port: The hostname is the IP address of the Droplet. The port is 22 by default.
  • Username and Password: The username and password are the credentials you use to SSH into the Droplet.

If you are using a root user and you choose password authentication, you need to log in to the Droplet via SSH prior to logging in via SFTP, to ensure your password is set properly. If you choose key-based authentication, you only need to provide the key to the SFTP client. To learn how to connect through SSH, see our tutorial.

If you are using FileZilla to connect using SFTP, see our How to Transfer Files to Droplets With FileZilla tutorial.