When I try to log into SSH I get a Permission Denied error

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There are a few reasons why you could be getting a “Permission Denied” error when attempting to log in using SSH. If you receive this error, check for the following issues:

  • The password is incorrect
  • The SSH key is missing on your local computer or on the Droplet
  • You are trying to use a password, but PasswordAuthentication is disabled in sshd_config
  • You are trying to use an SSH key, but key based authentication is disabled in sshd_config
  • The authorized_keys file has the wrong permissions¬†

If you’ve checked for all of these conditions and are still receiving a “Permission Denied” error, you can use the Recovery Console to regain SSH access.

Edit your Droplet’s sshd_config file to change its SSH port.
If you lose the private SSH key you use to log into a Droplet, you need to re-enable password authentication to recover access.
Problems with SSH authentication includes permission denied with SSH keys and passwords.