Spaces Pricing

Spaces Object Storage is an S3-compatible object storage service. Spaces buckets let you store and serve large amounts of data, and the built-in CDN minimizes page load times and improves performance.

The base rate of a Spaces subscription is $5.00 per month and gives you the ability to create multiple Spaces buckets.

The Spaces subscription includes 250 GiB of data storage (cumulative across all of your buckets). Additional storage beyond this allotment is $0.02 per GiB per month. If you cancel your subscription by destroying all your buckets, your bill is prorated hourly.


Spaces subscriptions include 1,024 GiB of outbound data transfer (from Spaces buckets to the internet), which is shared between all buckets. Additional outbound transfer is $0.01 per GiB. Outbound data transfer is free in the following cases:

  • From Spaces in NYC3 to Droplets in NYC1, NYC2, and NYC3
  • From Spaces in SGP1 to Droplets in SGP1
  • From Spaces in SFO2 to Droplets in SFO1, SFO2, and SFO3
  • From Spaces in SFO3 to Droplets in SFO1, SFO2, and SFO3
  • From Spaces in AMS3 to Droplets in AMS2 and AMS3
  • From Spaces in FRA1 to Droplets in FRA1
  • From Spaces in SYD1 to Droplets in SYD1
  • From Spaces in BLR1 to Droplets in BLR1

Inbound bandwidth to Spaces never counts against your Spaces transfer allowance.

Droplets have their own transfer allowance, independent of Spaces. Traffic from Droplets to Spaces does not count against your Spaces transfer allowance (because inbound bandwidth to Spaces is free), but does currently count against your Droplets’ outbound transfer allowance.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The Spaces Content Delivery Network (CDN) is available at no additional cost. The transfer allowance that comes with the base Spaces subscription covers both CDN bandwidth and origin bandwidth. Transfer between the origin and the edge servers is calculated as part of the transfer allowance.

In order to protect our platform from bad actors, we remove access to Spaces within a week for certain accounts that experience billing failures. If you are a new DigitalOcean customer and your monthly billing fails, you may lose access to Spaces if your payment does not resolve within a week. For more details, see Late Payments.