MySQL Support

MySQL is an open source, object-relational database built with speed and reliability in mind. Its large and active developer community has created many third-party applications, tools, and libraries that expand MySQL’s functionality.

Verify your connection string and add your local machine to the database cluster’s trusted sources.
Add your machine to the database cluster’s list of trusted sources.
Prepend your connection string with your database client.
Check for typos and formatting errors in the connection string.
Ensure your queries are not timing out and check your network connection.
Verify your login credentials and user permissions.
Verify that the hostname is correct and that you’ve created the database.
Verify that the hostname is correct and whether your machine has DNS resolution problems.
Change user settings or password type.
Use a client compatible with TLS/SSL.
Check your network connection or revise your query.
We are currently processing the cluster, most likely for maintenance. You can expect no downtime or performance issues.
Set ansi_quotes to False or turn off primary key requirement.