Cambodia Tax Information

As of 1 August 2022, DigitalOcean charges a 10% Value Added Tax (VAT) to customers with a tax location in Cambodia.

Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance Sub-Decree No. 65 to the Law of Taxation obligates non-resident suppliers of digital services (like DigitalOcean) to register and collect VAT from customers not registered for VAT purposes in Cambodia.

If you are a customer with a valid VAT ID in Cambodia, you can enter your VAT ID on the Billing page. Once you do, your invoice no longer includes VAT charges. If you are registered for VAT but do not provide us with your VAT ID before we issue an invoice, tax charges appear on the invoice for that period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxes

How is my tax location determined?

Your tax location is typically based on your account address, which is initially set to the payment address of your primary payment method when you sign up. In some locations, we are required by law to consider other account details, like other payment addresses or IP addresses.

How can I change my tax location?

You can update your account address and view your account's tax location and rate at any time on the **Billing** page's **Settings** tab. If you've set your account address correctly but your account's tax location is not what you expect, contact support for help.

Why is my invoice in USD? Can I get an invoice in another currency?

USD is the only currency we accept for payments, so all invoices are in USD. We cannot provide invoices in other currencies. Learn more about invoices.