Promo Codes

New customers can redeem a promo code to apply credits to their account.

To be able to create Droplets or other resources, you must have a valid payment method on your account even when using a promo code.

The following limits apply to promo codes:

  • Each account can redeem one promo code. If you redeemed a promo code in the past, you cannot redeem another. Your promo code history is visible in the Billing history section.

  • Promo codes are non-transferable. You cannot transfer promo code credits to other accounts, including team accounts.

  • Promo codes expire after 1 year. Unlike PayPal pre-payments, which do not expire, credits from promo codes expire one year after you redeem them.

  • Promo codes do not apply to Marketplace Add-Ons.

You can redeem a promo code on the Overview tab of the Billing page, in the Promo code section.

The Promo Code section of the Billing page

Enter the case-sensitive code in the promo code field and click Apply Code. Once you successfully redeem a promo code, the credits are automatically applied to your account and the Promo code section of the Billing page no longer appears.