doctl apps dev build

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doctl apps dev build [component name]




[BETA] Build an app component locally.

The component name is optional unless running non-interactively.

All command line flags as optional. You may specify flags to be applied to the current build or use the command doctl app dev config to permanently configure default values.


Option Description
--app An optional existing app ID. If specified, the app spec will be fetched from the given app.
--build-command An optional build command override for local development.
--env-file An optional path to a .env file with overrides for values of app spec environment variables.
--help , -h Help for this command
--no-cache Set to disable build caching.
Default: false
--registry An optional registry name to tag built container images with.
--spec An optional path to an app spec in JSON or YAML format. Default: .do/app.yaml.
--timeout An optional timeout duration for the build. Valid time units are “s”, “m”, “h”. Example: 15m30s
Default: 0s
Command Description
doctl apps dev [BETA] Display commands for working with App Platform local development.

Global Flags

Option Description
--access-token, -t API V2 access token
--api-url, -u Override default API endpoint
--config, -c Specify a custom config file
  • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/doctl/config.yaml
  • Linux: ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/doctl/config.yaml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\doctl\config.yaml
--context Specify a custom authentication context name
--http-retry-max Set maximum number of retries for requests that fail with a 429 or 500-level error
Default: 5
--http-retry-wait-max Set the minimum number of seconds to wait before retrying a failed request
Default: 30
--http-retry-wait-min Set the maximum number of seconds to wait before retrying a failed request
Default: 1
--interactive Enable interactive behavior. Defaults to true if the terminal supports it (default false)
Default: false
--output, -o Desired output format [text|json]
Default: text
--trace Show a log of network activity while performing a command
Default: false
--verbose, -v Enable verbose output
Default: false