doctl compute

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doctl compute [flags]


The subcommands under doctl compute are for managing DigitalOcean resources.


--help, -hHelp for this command
doctldoctl is a command line interface (CLI) for the DigitalOcean API.
doctl compute actionDisplay commands for retrieving resource action history
doctl compute cdnDisplay commands that manage CDNs
doctl compute certificateDisplay commands that manage SSL certificates and private keys
doctl compute domainDisplay commands that manage domains
doctl compute dropletManage virtual machines (Droplets)
doctl compute droplet-actionDisplay Droplet action commands
doctl compute firewallDisplay commands to manage cloud firewalls
doctl compute floating-ipDisplay commands to manage floating IP addresses
doctl compute floating-ip-actionDisplay commands to associate floating IP addresses with Droplets
doctl compute imageDisplay commands to manage images
doctl compute image-actionDisplay commands to perform actions on images
doctl compute load-balancerDisplay commands to manage load balancers
doctl compute regionDisplay commands to list datacenter regions
doctl compute sizeList available Droplet sizes
doctl compute snapshotAccess and manage snapshots
doctl compute sshAccess a Droplet using SSH
doctl compute ssh-keyDisplay commands to manage SSH keys on your account
doctl compute tagDisplay commands to manage tags
doctl compute volumeDisplay commands to manage block storage volumes
doctl compute volume-actionDisplay commands to perform actions on a volume

Global Flags

--access-token, -tAPI V2 access token
--api-url, -uOverride default API endpoint
--config, -cSpecify a custom config file
  • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/doctl/config.yaml
  • Linux: ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/doctl/config.yaml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\doctl\config.yaml
--contextSpecify a custom authentication context name
--output, -oDesired output format [text|json]
Default: text
--traceShow a log of network activity while performing a command
Default: false
--verbose, -vEnable verbose output
Default: false