doctl auth

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doctl auth [flags]


The doctl auth commands allow you to authenticate doctl for use with your DigitalOcean account using tokens that you generate in the control panel at

If you work with a just one account, you can call doctl auth init and supply the token when prompted. This creates an authentication context named default.

To switch between multiple DigitalOcean accounts, including team accounts, you can create named contexts by using doctl auth init --context <name>, then providing a token when prompted. This saves the token under the name you provide. To switch between accounts, use doctl auth switch --context <name>.,

To remove accounts from the configuration file, you can run doctl auth remove --context <name>. This removes the token under the name you provide.


--help, -hHelp for this command
doctldoctl is a command line interface (CLI) for the DigitalOcean API.
doctl auth initInitialize doctl to use a specific account
doctl auth listList available authentication contexts
doctl auth removeRemove authentication contexts
doctl auth switchSwitches between authentication contexts

Global Flags

--access-token, -tAPI V2 access token
--api-url, -uOverride default API endpoint
--config, -cSpecify a custom config file
  • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/doctl/config.yaml
  • Linux: ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/doctl/config.yaml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\doctl\config.yaml
--contextSpecify a custom authentication context name
--output, -oDesired output format [text|json]
Default: text
--traceShow a log of network activity while performing a command
Default: false
--verbose, -vEnable verbose output
Default: false