Kafka Release Notes

April 2024

30 April

  • Kafka v3.7 is now available is now available for new and existing clusters.

8 April

  • You can now view hundreds of new database metrics by accessing the metrics API endpoint. For more detailed steps, see our guides for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Kafka.

March 2024

29 March

  • You can now reconfigure Kafka databases via the API, which lets you edit many database engine parameters that were previously unavailable for editing. For more detailed steps, see How to Reconfigure Database Clusters.

February 2024

26 February

  • You can now customize the amount of nodes in Dedicated CPU Kafka plans to 3, 6, 9, or 15 nodes. For more details, see our guide on how to resize Kafka clusters.

December 2023

4 December

  • You can now add additional storage independently from your chosen database configuration plan when creating or resizing Kafka clusters on DigitalOcean. This provides a more economic option for increasing storage, rather than upgrading your cluster’s entire plan.

    For more details, see our guides on how to resize Kafka clusters.

November 2023

7 November

October 2023

18 October

  • The Kafka plan featuring 24 VCPUs, 96 GB RAM, and 600 GB of storage is now deprecated.

11 October

  • The following three Kafka plans are now deprecated:

    • 48 VCPUs, 192 GB RAM, 1,200 GB
    • 96 VCPUs, 384 GB RAM, 2,400 GB
    • 120 VCPUs, 480 GB RAM, 3,000 GB

September 2023

25 September