doctl compute load-balancer update

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doctl compute load-balancer update <id> [flags]




Use this command to update the configuration of a specified load balancer.


Option Description
--algorithm The algorithm to use when traffic is distributed across your Droplets; possible values: round_robin or least_connections
Default: round_robin
--disable-lets-encrypt-dns-records disable automatic DNS record creation for Let’s Encrypt certificates that are added to the load balancer
Default: false
--droplet-ids A comma-separated list of Droplet IDs, e.g.: 215,378
--enable-backend-keepalive enable keepalive connections to backend target droplets
Default: false
--enable-proxy-protocol enable proxy protocol
Default: false
--forwarding-rules A comma-separated list of key-value pairs representing forwarding rules, which define how traffic is routed, e.g.: entry_protocol:tcp,entry_port:3306,target_protocol:tcp,target_port:3306.
--health-check A comma-separated list of key-value pairs representing recent health check results, e.g.: protocol:http, port:80, path:/index.html, check_interval_seconds:10, response_timeout_seconds:5, healthy_threshold:5, unhealthy_threshold:3
--help , -h Help for this command
--name The load balancer’s name (required)
--redirect-http-to-https Flag to redirect HTTP requests to the load balancer on port 80 to HTTPS on port 443
Default: false
--region The load balancer’s region, e.g.: nyc1 (required)
--size The load balancer’s size, e.g.: lb-small. Only one of size and size-unit should be used
--size-unit The load balancer’s size, e.g.: 1. Only one of size-unit and size should be used
Default: 0
--sticky-sessions A comma-separated list of key-value pairs representing a list of active sessions, e.g.: type:cookies, cookie_title:DO-LB, cookie_ttl_seconds:5
--tag-name Assigns Droplets with the specified tag to the load balancer
--vpc-uuid The UUID of the VPC to create the load balancer in
Command Description
doctl compute load-balancer Display commands to manage load balancers

Global Flags

Option Description
--access-token, -t API V2 access token
--api-url, -u Override default API endpoint
--config, -c Specify a custom config file
  • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/doctl/config.yaml
  • Linux: ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/doctl/config.yaml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\doctl\config.yaml
--context Specify a custom authentication context name
--output, -o Desired output format [text|json]
Default: text
--trace Show a log of network activity while performing a command
Default: false
--verbose, -v Enable verbose output
Default: false