Billing Release Notes

July 2023

July 27

July 1

  • We no longer bill for outbound data transfer that we determine is dropped by a DigitalOcean firewall rule. Learn more about bandwidth billing.

September 2022

September 27

  • Users who sign up for DigitalOcean through the referral program now receive a $200 account credit, increased from $100.

July 2022

July 26

July 1

  • The following pricing changes are now in effect:

    • A new $4 Droplet with 512MB of memory, 10GB of storage, 1 vCPU, and 500GB of outbound data transfer is now available in NYC1, FRA1, SFO3, SGP1, and AMS3. The slug is s-1vcpu-512mb-10gb.

    • We have simplified pricing for DigitalOcean Kubernetes and some Managed Databases for better accuracy and predictibility.

    • The prices of Droplets, Snapshots, Load Balancers, Reserved IPs, and Custom Images have increased.

    There is no change to pricing for Spaces, backups, volumes, DigitalOcean Container Registry, or App Platform. There are also no changes to inbound data transfer or bandwidth pricing.

    This is our first major price change in 10 years, and we believe the new model better fits our understanding of our customers and the expanded breadth of our offerings. For a more detailed breakdown of the changes, see our blog post on our new pricing.

December 2021

December 8

  • We now support adding Google Pay as a stored payment method for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge).

October 2021

October 27

September 2021

September 28

  • Team members with the biller role no longer have view-only access to a team’s shared resources. Billers have full access to billing information only and no access to shared resources or team settings.

March 2021

March 1

  • Fixed a bug with DigitalOcean Load Balancers that prevented outbound data transfer from Droplets from being added to bandwidth usage totals. Any inconsistencies will be updated on the April invoice.

May 2020

May 15

  • Unassigned floating IP charges will now appear on invoices. The first charge will appear on July 2020 invoices for all floating IPs that were not assigned to Droplets during the month of June.

December 2019

December 19

  • Users can now specify the payment method and amount when making payments on the billing page.

December 17

  • Bandwidth billing for Managed Databases, originally slated to begin in January 2020, has been postponed to 2021. Egress bandwidth for Managed Databases clusters will continue to be waived until then.

September 2019

September 23

  • DigitalOcean now supports 3-D Secure (3DS) second-factor payment authentication, allowing us to accept payment from banks that require it.

September 20

  • The Billing page in the control panel now splits the costs displayed between payment due and the amount not yet billed for the active billing cycle.

August 2019

August 23

August 13

  • The credit card input form on the billing page in the control panel has been modified to simplify billing address entry.

July 2019

July 9

  • Downloadable CSV invoices available on the control panel billing page have been updated to include project names for each Droplet.

April 2019

April 23

  • The control panel billing page now includes a breakdown of your spending and a downloadable PDF of your invoice.

April 1

  • To help customers track their credits, beginning in April we will send invoice emails when customers use any resources during a billing period, regardless of an account’s outstanding balance. Previously, invoices were sent only when the outstanding balance exceeded the threshold for automatic payments.

March 2019

March 20

  • DOKS customers will now be able to see the cost of their Kubernetes nodes and load balancers aggregated by cluster name within a Kubernetes clusters group on their invoice. Volumes and volume snapshots used in a DOKS cluster are not yet included in the cluster aggregation.

February 2019

February 5

  • Users with credits will automatically receive an email notification when account usage exceeds their promo code credit and any prepay balance.

January 2019

January 1

  • Monthly billing emails now include a PDF invoice attachment.

December 2018

December 1

September 2018

September 11

  • Began incremental release of invoice aggregation for users with more than 3000 invoice line items.

August 2018

August 14

  • Customers with multiple credit cards on file can now choose which one is billed by default on the billing page.

July 2018

July 24

  • You can now edit the card holder name, expiration date, CVC code, and billing address for existing credit card on the Account Billing page.

July 1

June 2018

June 22

  • Spaces will send billing data for active users within 2 hours of usage, down from a 4-5 day processing time. Previously, some users who were not billed for overages because of the processing delay may see their bill go up based on their actual usage.

April 2018

April 24

April 20

  • Debit cards from any country can be used for payment once a temporary pre-authorization charge of $1 is successful.

April 17

  • Spaces users no longer need to cancel their Spaces subscription via the Spaces UI when they want to stop using Spaces. Now, any time a Spaces user destroys their last Space, their pro-rated $5/month billing (if not in the free trial period) stops. Overage charges still apply if they were incurred before deletion of the last Space.