Provides a DigitalOcean database user resource. When creating a new database cluster, a default admin user with name doadmin will be created. Then, this resource can be used to provide additional normal users inside the cluster.

NOTE: Any new users created will always have normal role, only the default user that comes with database cluster creation has primary role. Additional permissions must be managed manually.

Example Usage

Create a new PostgreSQL database user

resource "digitalocean_database_user" "user-example" {
  cluster_id =
  name       = "foobar"

resource "digitalocean_database_cluster" "postgres-example" {
  name       = "example-postgres-cluster"
  engine     = "pg"
  version    = "11"
  size       = "db-s-1vcpu-1gb"
  region     = "nyc1"
  node_count = 1

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • cluster_id - (Required) The ID of the original source database cluster.
  • name - (Required) The name for the database user.
  • mysql_auth_plugin - (Optional) The authentication method to use for connections to the MySQL user account. The valid values are mysql_native_password or caching_sha2_password (this is the default).

Attributes Reference

In addition to the above arguments, the following attributes are exported:

  • role - Role for the database user. The value will be either “primary” or “normal”.
  • password - Password for the database user.


Database user can be imported using the id of the source database cluster and the name of the user joined with a comma. For example:

terraform import digitalocean_database_user.user-example 245bcfd0-7f31-4ce6-a2bc-475a116cca97,foobar

Note: MongoDB user passwords are only available when the user is created. An existing MongoDB user that is imported will not have its password attribute exported. Recreate the user if it is necessary to access the password with Terraform.