Get information on a single DigitalOcean project. If neither the id nor name attributes are provided, then this data source returns the default project.

Example Usage

data "digitalocean_project" "default" {

data "digitalocean_project" "staging" {
  name = "My Staging Project"

Argument Reference

  • id - (Optional) the ID of the project to retrieve
  • name - (Optional) the name of the project to retrieve. The data source will raise an error if more than one project has the provided name or if no project has that name.

Attributes Reference

  • description - The description of the project
  • purpose - The purpose of the project, (Default: “Web Application”)
  • environment - The environment of the project’s resources. The possible values are: Development, Staging, Production.
  • resources - A set of uniform resource names (URNs) for the resources associated with the project
  • owner_uuid - The unique universal identifier of the project owner.
  • owner_id - The ID of the project owner.
  • created_at - The date and time when the project was created, (ISO8601)
  • updated_at - The date and time when the project was last updated, (ISO8601)