doctl databases create

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doctl databases create <name> [flags]




This command creates a database cluster with the specified name.

There are a number of flags that customize the configuration, all of which are optional. Without any flags set, a single-node, single-CPU PostgreSQL database cluster will be created.


--engineThe database engine to be used for the cluster. Possible values are: pg for PostgreSQL, mysql, and redis.
Default: pg
--help, -hHelp for this command
--num-nodesThe number of nodes in the database cluster. Valid values are are 1-3. In addition to the primary node, up to two standby nodes may be added for high availability.
Default: 1
--private-network-uuidThe UUID of a VPC to create the database cluster in; the default VPC for the region will be used if excluded
--regionThe region where the database cluster will be created, e.g. nyc1 or sfo2
Default: nyc1
--sizeThe size of the nodes in the database cluster, e.g. `db-s-1vcpu-1gb`` for a 1 CPU, 1GB node
Default: db-s-1vcpu-1gb
--versionThe database engine version, e.g. 11 for PostgreSQL version 11
doctl databasesDisplay commands that manage databases

Global Flags

--access-token, -tAPI V2 access token
--api-url, -uOverride default API endpoint
--config, -cSpecify a custom config file
  • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/doctl/config.yaml
  • Linux: ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/doctl/config.yaml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\doctl\config.yaml
--contextSpecify a custom authentication context name
--output, -oDesired output format [text|json]
Default: text
--traceShow a log of network activity while performing a command
Default: false
--verbose, -vEnable verbose output
Default: false