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Paperspace Pricing

Notebooks are a web-based Jupyter IDE with shared persistent storage for long-term development and inter-notebook collaboration, backed by accelerated compute.

All Paperspace resources are billed on a per-hour basis. Non-GPU resources like storage and public IP addresses have a monthly maximum charge. If a Non-GPU resource reaches a monthly maximum charge, the resource doesn’t incur any further charges for the rest of the billing cycle.

Paperspace Compute

Core machines are Linux or Windows-based virtual machines that run on top of virtualized hardware. Each machine you create is a new server or desktop you can use, either standalone or as part of a larger, cloud-based infrastructure.

All on-demand machines are billed per second. There are no bandwidth charges for either ingress or egress.

Paperspace offers a wide array of machine types, each suitable for a particular use case. Learn more about performance in the machine performance reference.

A range of affordable and high-end CPU-only machines. Each machine includes 50 GB SSD by default. Machine storage can be expanded up to 2 TB using the machine resizing process. All CPU machine types are available in all regions.

Name vCPUs RAM (GB) Price (hourly) Linux Windows Regions
C1 1 0.5 $0.0045/hour All
C3 2 2 $0.018/hour All
C4 2 4 $0.04/hour All
C5 4 8 $0.08/hour All
C6 8 16 $0.16/hour All
C7 12 30 $0.30/hour All
C8 16 60 $0.60/hour All
C9 24 120 $0.90/hour All
C10 32 244 $1.60/hour All
CPU architecture

Gen 1 (Introduced in 2017)

Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4. Base processor frequency of 2.10 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 2.50 GHz

Gen 2 (Introduced January 2021)

Intel Xeon Gold 6226R. Base processor frequency of 2.90 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.90 GHz.

A range of dedicated GPU machines. Each machine includes 50 GB SSD by default. This can be expanded up to 2 TB. All machines are powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Name GPU (GB) vCPUs CPU RAM (GB) Price (hourly) Linux Windows Regions
GPU+ (M4000) 8 8 30 $0.45/hr NY2 CA1
P4000 8 8 30 $0.51/hr All
P5000 16 8 30 $0.78/hr All
P6000 24 8 30 $1.10/hr All
RTX4000 8 8 30 $0.56/hr All
RTX5000 16 8 30 $0.82/hr NY2
A4000 16 8 45 $0.76/hr NY2
A5000 24 8 45 $1.38/hr NY2
A6000 48 8 45 $1.89/hr NY2
V100 16 8 30 $2.30/hr NY2 CA1
V100-32G 32 8 30 $2.30/hr NY2
A100 40 12 90 $3.09/hr NY2
A100-80G 80 12 90 $3.19/hr NY2
H100 80 20 250 $5.95/hr NY2
CPU architecture information

GPU+ (Maxwell M4000), Pascal P5000, P5000, P6000, and Volta V100 16 GB

Intel Xeon E5-2623 v4. Base processor frequency of 2.60 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.20 GHz.

RTX 4000, RTX 5000, RTX 6000, and Volta V100 32 GB

Intel Xeon Silver 4215R. Base processor frequency of 3.20 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 4.0 GHz.

Ampere A4000, A5000, and A6000

Intel Xeon Gold 5315Y. Base processor frequency of 3.20 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.60 GHz.

Ampere A100

Intel Xeon Gold 6342. Base processor frequency of 2.80 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.50 GHz.

Hopper H100

INTEL Xeon Sapphire Rapids 8458P. Base processor frequency of 2.70 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.80 GHz.

Paperspace offers Multi-GPU variants of dedicated GPU machines with up to 8 GPUs. The machine specs and pricing can be doubled, quadrupled, etc. from the base machine type.

Machine Type GPUs Price (hourly)
P4000 2 $1.02/hr
P4000 4 $2.04/hr
P5000 2 $1.56/hr
P5000 4 $3.12/hr
P6000 2 $2.20/hr
P6000 4 $4.40/hr
RTX4000 2 $1.12/hr
RTX4000 4 $2.24/hr
RTX5000 2 $1.64/hr
RTX5000 4 $3.28/hr
V100-32G 2 $4.60/hr
V100-32G 4 $9.20/hr
A4000 2 $1.52/hr
A4000 4 $3.04/hr
A5000 2 $2.76/hr
A5000 4 $5.52/hr
A6000 2 $3.78/hr
A6000 4 $7.56/hr
A100 2 $6.18/hr
A100 4 $12.36/hr
A100 8 $24.72/hr
A100-80G 8 $25.52/hr
H100 8 $47.60/hr
GPU+x2 $0.90/hr
GPU+x4 $1.80/hr

The V100-32Gx2, V100-32Gx4, A100-80Gx8, and H100x8 machine types offer NVLink support.

Virtual GPUs are offered in the Air, Standard, Advanced, and Pro machine types. This family is optimized for general-purpose desktop computing and is not suitable for graphics or compute-intensive applications. The GPU included in this family is the NVIDIA GRID “virtual” GPU, which does not support CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, and other features required for high-end GPU workloads.

Name GPU (GB) vCPUs RAM (GB) Price (hourly) Linux Windows Regions
Air+ 0.5 3 4 $0.07/hr All
Standard 0.5 4 8 $0.10/hr All
Advanced 2 6 16 $0.18/hr All
Pro 4 8 32 $0.32/hr All
CPU architecture information

Gen 1 (Introduced in 2017)

Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3. Base processor frequency of 2.4GHz and max turbo frequency of 3.20 GHz.

Free tier machines are only available for Paperspace Notebooks.

There is currently a limited pool of free machines. If your notebook is pending, this means that your notebook is in queue and waiting for the next available free machine. If you need immediate access to machines, consider upgrading to a paid machine type.
Machine Name (slug) Hourly Rate
Free-A100 $0.00
Free-A100-80G $0.00
Free-A4000 $0.00
Free-A5000 $0.00
Free-A6000 $0.00
Free-CPU $0.00
Free-GPU $0.00
Free-IPU-POD16 $0.00
Free-IPU-POD4 $0.00
Free-P4000 $0.00
Free-P5000 $0.00
Free-RTX4000 $0.00
Free-RTX5000 $0.00

There are certain limits on free machines keep the capacity for free notebooks available for all users such as:

  • Auto-Shutdown: The maximum auto-shutdown limit for any free-machine is 6 hours.
  • Inactivity: Any notebook that is inactive for one hour is shutdown automatically. This is to keep free machine capacity available for other users.
  • Notebook Limit: Only one Notebook with a free machine can be running at a given time.

Paperspace Storage

Paperspace block storage volumes provide a block-level storage device for use as the primary system drive on a Core compute machine.

Size Monthly Rate (max) Hourly Rate
50GB $5.00 $0.00744047619
100GB $7.00 $0.01041666667
250GB $10.00 $0.01488095238
500GB $25.00 $0.03720238095
1TB $55.00 $0.0818452381
2TB $120.00 $0.1785714286

Shared Drives are designed to provide a data source accessible to one or multiple machines concurrently.

Size Monthly Rate (max) Hourly Rate
250GB $16.00 $0.02380952381
500GB $33.00 $0.04910714286
1000GB $65.00 $0.09672619048
2000GB $130.00 $0.193452381
4000GB $260.00 $0.3869047619
8000GB $520.00 $0.7738095238
12000GB $780.00 $1.160714286
16000GB $1040.00 $1.547619048

Paperspace Images

Paperspace snapshots are on-depand disk images of a virtual machine’s hard drive.

Size Monthly Rate (max) Hourly Rate
50GB $1.00 $0.001488095238
100GB $1.20 $0.001785714286
250GB $1.40 $0.002083333333
500GB $2.00 $0.002976190476
1TB $4.00 $0.005952380952
2TB $8.00 $0.0119047619

A custom template contains the entire disk image of the original machine.

Size Monthly Rate (max) Hourly Rate
50GB $3.50 $0.005208333333
100GB $6.00 $0.008928571429
250GB $11.00 $0.01636904762
500GB $17.00 $0.02529761905
1TB $24.00 $0.03571428571
2TB $42.00 $0.0625

Paperspace Networking

Private networks create a dedicated subnet (logically isolated from other Core customers) that enables machines and shared drives attached to the private network to communicate securely with each other.

Attaching a public IP to your machine makes it accessible via the internet.

You can attach VPN gateways to your private network to establish a site-to-site VPN tunnel.

Name Monthly Rate (max) Hourly Rate
Private network $1.00 $0.001488095238
Public IP address $3.00 $0.004464285714
VPN gateway $1.00 $0.001488095238

Paperspace Gradient

Gradient is a platform for building and scaling real-world machine learning applications.

Subscription Monthly Rate (max) Hourly Rate
FREE-TEAM $0.00 0
FREE-USER $0.00 0
PRO-USER $8.00 $0.0119047619
PRO-TEAM $12.00 $0.01785714286
GROWTH-TEAM $39.00 $0.05803571429
GROWTH-USER $39.00 $0.05803571429

Gradient storage is used to store the data for your Gradient resources. The amount of free storage accessible to a team is dictated by the subscription tier.

Subscription Volume Storage
Free 5GB
Pro 15GB
Growth 50GB

Any storage over these limits is charged at a maximum monthly rate of $0.29 ($0.000431547619 hourly).