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Paperspace Accounts and Teams

Personal Accounts

Every Paperspace user has a Private Workspace with a unique namespace (your username). The Private Workspace is yours for your own CORE and Gradient resources.

The Accounts Settings section lets you view and edit your account information, like changing your name, enabling 2FA, changing your email address, and deactivating your account.

Account Security

All aspects of the Paperspace platform are designed with security as the primary consideration, from the application layer all the way down to our data centers (for our hosted offerings).

  • All Paperspace traffic is secured over a fully encrypted channel (SSL/TLS) independent of platform — web, desktop, or mobile.
  • Traffic between our database, web servers, API, and internal networks is also encrypted (SSL/TLS)
  • Our databases are secured with 256-bit AES or higher.
  • We use 2048 bit public keys in our certificates and support only high-strength symmetric ciphers.
  • We monitor in realtime for threats that could potentially impact our customer’s compute resources, and multiple password reset attempts locks your account.
  • We employ a cloud operations team that monitors all aspects of security 24/7/365.
SSH keys provide a secure way to remotely access your CORE Linux virtual machines.
Use secrets to keep private keys secure while using Gradient.


Teams let you collaborate with people inside and outside of your organization. Teams are available at no cost and can be created and deactivated directly in the console. As a user, you can be a member of an unlimited number of teams.

Create a team and manage team membership and roles.
SAML support can be enabled for Paperspace Teams to allow users to use the same credentials across many websites including Paperspace.

Team Roles

Team members can have one of two roles: admin or member. Roles determine a user’s level of access to a team’s shared resources, billing information, and settings.

Role CORE machines CORE Add-ons Gradient Projects Gradient Workloads Billing Information Team Settings
Admin Full access Full access Full access Full access Full access Full access
Member By assignment No access By assignment Full access No access No access

API keys are unique to the members who generated them. They can be generated by individual members, regardless of their role, but can be revoked by a team administrator.

Team Emails

Emails that are sent exclusively to the team admins include:

  • Operational alerts and maintenance notices
  • Resource alerts, like billing alert policy notifications
  • Emergency migration or reboot notices
  • Receipts for upfront charges
  • Invoices

Additionally, some team emails are sent only to specific members:

  • Machine password emails are sent to the member that created the related machine.
  • Support ticket emails are sent to members who participated in the support ticket.
  • Quota increase approvals

Team Quota (Service Limits)

Certain items within Paperspace are governed by Service Limits. These limits are visible on the Billing tab of the console.

If you need to increase a Service Limit, please submit a support ticket and select User Experience Increase from the Account Topic drop-down. This opens the User Experience Issues drop-down menu. Select Account Limits option from the drop-down menu and fill out the rest of the ticket accordingly.

Tell us how you’re using Paperspace and how many machines you require so we can process your request effectively.

When creating Core machines, you may be asked to verify your account which is distinct from Service Limits. Learn more about verification in the Paperspace Machines limits documentation.