Taxes Release Notes

January 2024

1 January

October 2023

1 October

July 2023

10 July

1 July

June 2023

1 June

January 2023

1 January

  • The tax rate for Englewood, Colorado in the United States of America has increased from 3.5% to 3.8%. Learn more about USA taxes.

  • The Luxembourg Tax Authorities (LTA) temporarily decreased the VAT rate from 17% to 16%. We have begun charging the adjusted VAT rate to private individuals (B2C sales) located in Luxembourg, which will be visible on invoices issues on 1 February 2023. Learn more about EU taxes.

  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate for Singapore has increased from 7% to 8%. Learn more about Singapore taxes.

October 2022

1 October

September 2022

1 September

August 2022

1 August

July 2022

1 July

April 2022

1 April

February 2022

1 February

January 2022

21 January

1 January

  • Tax collection for several states and cities in the United States of America has begun. Charges will appear on the February invoice. Learn more about USA taxes.

October 2021

1 October

September 2021

1 September

  • We have begun charging a 7% Value Added Tax (VAT) to customers in Thailand. This VAT rate is temporarily reduced until 30 September 2021. Unless the TRD extends the temporary reduction, the rate will increase back to the standard VAT rate of 10% on 1 October 2021.

April 2021

1 April

  • To comply with new provincial requirements in Canada, we are now collecting Provincial Sales Tax (PST) at a rate of 7% for customers in British Columbia and 6% in Saskatchewan. For more details, see Canada tax information.

  • Tax collection for Kenya has begun. Charges will appear on the May invoice.

January 2021

1 January

  • In response to the United Kingdom departing as a member state of the European Union, DigitalOcean has obtained a standalone UK VAT ID and continued charging and collecting VAT at a rate of 20% on its business-to-consumer sales in the UK. Business customers with a valid UK VAT ID are subject to the reverse charge mechanism.

July 2020

1 July

June 2020

1 June

March 2020

21 March

  • Business customers in Iceland can now enter their VAT IDs on the billing page. This removes tax charges on future invoices. Learn more about Iceland taxes.

1 March

  • Tax collection for Iceland has begun. Charges will appear on the April invoice.

January 2020

1 January

December 2019

1 December

  • Tax collection for Belarus has begun. Charges will appear on the January invoice.

November 2019

1 November

September 2019

1 September

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) collection for South Korea and Quebec Sales Tax (QST) collection for Quebec, Canada have begun. Charges will appear on the October invoice.

August 2019

23 August

May 2019

1 May

January 2019

1 January

November 2018

1 November

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) collection for Switzerland and Turkey has begun. Charges will appear on the December invoice.