How to Restore Backups

SnapShooter is a cloud backup and recovery solution. Use SnapShooter to back up servers, volumes, databases, and applications from DigitalOcean and other cloud providers.

Use SnapShooter to restore data backed up by SnapShooter backup jobs. A restore wizard helps you configure and start the restoration process.

You must restore SnapShooter native backups, or snapshots, through your cloud provider’s interface or API. You can restore backups found on the Backup Jobs page through SnapShooter directly.

Restore Data from a Backup Job

Navigate to the Backup Jobs page of SnapShooter. The page lists all of your backup jobs:

A screenshot of the SnapShooter backup jobs page, with a list of jobs including columns for name, job type, server name, status, last run time, and action buttons for viewing more details

Click View next to the job you want to restore to load the job page, which displays configuration and scheduling details:

A screenshot of a backup job's details page. The header includes the server name, job name, and action buttons for 'Restore Wizard', 'Settings', and a pause button. There are tables for viewing and updating 'Backup Configuration' and 'Backup Schedule & Retention'

Click Restore Wizard to begin setting up the restore. The configuration process is different for each backup type. Follow the directions to complete the setup, then click Start Restore.

The restore begins immediately. Your restoration jobs and their statuses are listed on the SnapShooter Restoration Jobs page.

Cancel a Restoration Job

Navigate to the SnapShooter Restoration Jobs page:

A screenshot of the 'Restoration Jobs' page with two jobs listed in a table. There are columns for status, name, job type, number of files, restoration date, and a 'View' action button. The status of the first job listed is a rotating yellow circle, showing the job is still in progress. The second job has a white checkmark inside a green circle, indicating the job is done.

Click View on the restoration job you want to cancel to load the job details page:

A screenshot of a restoration job details page, showing the tile of the job and the date of the backup being restored, along with an 'elapsed time' display and a red 'Abort Backup Restore' button.

Click Abort Backup Restore to cancel the job.