SnapShooter Details

SnapShooter is a cloud backup and recovery solution. Use SnapShooter to back up servers, volumes, databases, and applications from DigitalOcean and other cloud providers.

Enable daily or hourly backups for server files, databases, and applications. Use native cloud provider backups or backup jobs run using SnapShooter’s custom engine to back up hosted resources to your S3-based storage provider or SnapShooter Simple Storage.
Pricing for SnapShooter depends on the plan chosen. For native backups, you pay the fees associated with the storage directly to the provider.
Supported native backup and storage providers for SnapShooter.
Limits and known issues for SnapShooter.

These IP addresses must have SSH access to your server for SnapShooter to function.
When we write a new backup job, after we test it in our own staging environment, we invite customers to test it too.