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Machines Limits

Machines are high-performing computing for scaling AI applications.

Certain items within Paperspace are governed by service limits and a machine approval process:

  • Service Limits govern the number of resources you can have in your account.
  • Machine Approvals govern the types of machines you have access to.

Service Limits

You can learn more about service limits in the Teams section.

Approval Process (Verification)

When you select certain high-end machines, you may be asked to provide information about your use-case. Approvals typically take 1-2 business days. You may be asked for more information when placing a request.

Quota and Limits

Compute Limits

Service Limits

Some services within Paperspace are governed by limits. These limits are visible on the Billing tab of the console. Service limits are covered here.

Machine Types

Some machine types require approval. If you visit the console, you may see machines that are not selectable which means you need additional approval to access them. You can either place a request in the console or reach out to your account manager.

Networking Bandwidth Limits

Sustained 1Gbps traffic (longer than 10 seconds) gets rate-limited to 200Mbit. There is a default Service Limit on bandwidth which can be lifted by placing a Service Limit increase request.