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Machines are high-performing computing for scaling AI applications.

Quickstarts and intermediate tutorials to get started.
How to accomplish specific tasks in detail, like creation/deletion, configuration, and management.
API documentation for Machines (including example requests and available parameters), Machine performance, and Machine states and error codes.
Explanations and definitions of core concepts in Machines.
Features, plans and pricing, availability, limits, known issues, and more.
Learn about different support levels and get in touch with Paperspace support.

Latest Updates

15 May 2024

  • A new API for managing Paperspace resources is now available. The API provides:

    • A unified and predictable endpoint schema

    • Improved performance and scalability

    • Documented support for API endpoints

    The legacy Gradient and Core API endpoints will become unavailable on 15 July, 2024. To ensure your application continues to work on July 15, update your calls to reference the new API. You can submit a support ticket for questions or assistance.

13 May 2024

  • We have simplified how you create Core Virtual Machines (VMs) and made the following improvements:

    • Operating system (OS) templates are auto-selected for machines. When you select a machine, only the supported templates for that machine type are shown. This pairing of machines and templates ensures that you choose a template that works with your machine.

    • Machine approval and fraud detection processes have been improved. This reduces the number of machine approval requests you make. You can request approval for a machine when selecting a machine in the Paperspace console.

20 March 2024

  • A100-80G machines with 2 and 4 GPUs are now discontinued. You can choose the dedicated GPU A100-80G machine or the multi-GPU A100-80G machine with 8 GPUs instead.

For more information, see all Machines release notes.