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How to Upload SSH Keys to Paperspace Personal Accounts

SSH keys provide a secure way to remotely access your CORE Linux virtual machines.

When a machine is created, the paperspace user is provisioned. You can manage your machines using password-based logins, but we strongly recommend using SSH key pairs instead. SSH keys are more secure than passwords and can help you log in without having to remember long passwords.

Generate an SSH Key

If you do not already have an SSH key pair, create a new one:

Use OpenSSH to create new SSH keys on MacOS, Linux, or Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Use PuTTY to create SSH keys on Windows systems without Bash.

Add SSH Keys

You can add SSH keys to your Paperspace account on the SSH Keys page in the console.

Specify a name for the key, then copy and paste the public key and click Add.

Once you’ve added a key, you can select it during machine creation to automatically add it to new CORE machines.

Deleting SSH Keys

You can delete your SSH keys on the SSH Keys page in the console.

Find the key and click delete.

Deleting your SSH key from the console or removing an accessor from a machine does not remove the SSH key from the machine. The key needs to be manually removed on the machine from ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.