Kafka Pricing

Kafka is an open-source distributed event and stream-processing platform built to process demanding real-time data feeds. It is inherently scalable, with high throughput and availability.

You can create up to fifteen-node Kafka clusters. We support the following Basic and General Purpose Droplets for use in Kafka clusters:

Droplet Type CPU 3-Node Cluster Cost vCPUs RAM Disk
Basic Shared $147 per month 3 6 GiB
Basic Shared $294 per month 6 12 GiB
General Purpose Dedicated $597 per month 6 24 GiB
General Purpose Dedicated $1197 per month 12 48 GiB

The three-node cluster cost applies to each multiple of 3 nodes in your cluster. For example, a three-node cluster of 6 vCPU Droplets costs $597 per month, so a six-node cluster would cost $1194 per month.

Additional storage you add to the cluster costs $0.20 per GB per month.

Traffic to and from Managed Databases does not count against your bandwidth billing transfer allowance.