Monitoring Release Notes

August 2021

20 August

  • Released v1.64.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release includes support for managing App Platform alerts.

9 August

  • Released v1.63.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release includes a number of new features:

    • The database firewall sub-commands now support apps as trusted sources
    • New monitoring alert sub-commands for creating and managing alert policies
    • The --droplet-agent flag was added to the compute droplet create sub-command to optionally disable installing the agent for the Droplet web console

May 2020

15 May

September 2019

24 September

July 2019

3 July

  • The installation repo for the metrics agent has been moved to DigitalOcean Spaces.

June 2019

17 June

  • 6-hour and 1-day alert policies for Droplets and Kubernetes worker nodes have been deprecated. No new alert policies with these intervals can be created. Existing alert policies using these intervals will remain in place until 1 August 2019, at which point they will be modified to reflect a 1-hour interval.

May 2019

21 May

9 May

April 2019

9 April

  • The new metrics agent is fully released into production. Highlights include:

    This will be the default agent used by our managed databases and Kubernetes products. All agent installations on or after this date will receive the new agent by default. On 8 July 2019, the legacy metrics agent will be deprecated, meaning users will no longer be able to view metrics from Droplets running the legacy agent. You can upgrade to the new agent at any time.

February 2019

27 February

4 February

January 2019

29 January