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up Beta

This command upserts an app config and deploys your app to Paperspace. You can optionally specify a path to a config file. If no config file is specified, the default config file paths are tried.

Deploy the app in the current directory.

$ pspace up

Deploy the app using a config file.

$ pspace up -c paperspace.json

Deploy an app in a different directory.

$ pspace up --cwd ../my-app


–config, -c (string, optional)

The path to the config file. Defaults to our default config file paths.

The default config file paths are in order of precedence:

  • paperspace.yaml
  • paperspace.yml
  • paperspace.json
  • paperspace.jsonc
  • paperspace.toml
  • .paperspace/app.yaml
  • .paperspace/app.yml
  • .paperspace/app.json
  • .paperspace/app.jsonc
  • .paperspace/app.toml

–project-id, -p (string, optional)

The ID of the project to deploy to.

–cwd (string, optional)

The directory to deploy the app from. Defaults to the current directory.

Global Flags

These flags are available on all commands.

–log-level, -l (string, optional)

Enable debug logging. One of debug, info, warning, error, or critical.

–json, -j (boolean, optional)

Output JSON

–api-key (string, optional)

A Paperspace public API Key used for authenticating requests

–help, -h (boolean, optional)

Show help for a command